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A collection of things that have intrigued me throughout the immensity of the recorded collective thought that is the internet.


Beef Brains

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Translation: ‘Take out bitches, stool-pigeons and traitors!’ The acronym ‘MIR’ spells the word for peace and stands for ‘Shooting will reform me’.

George Burchett

Taken with Instagram

Blaubart (performance), 1977 
Pina Bausch

Anonymous said: I think the gray face lessens the "fear" aspect of approaching someone on Tumblr, but I do understsand how being anonymous can be interpreted as childish or lacking in responsibility. I think I was just trying to show your blog some love. Fail for me! lol. I genuinely didn't mean to offend/annoy/bother you. So, I apologize. And don't worry, there will be no more harassing! lol :)


Anonymous said: Not knowing is more fun. I'll just stalk you from a distance... anonymously. You should post (more?) pictures of your fabulous self. Mhm. This is a good plan. I'm counting on you to follow through!

sorry, im fundamentally opposed to the whole blind obedience thing. plus, im really not impressed by your inability to take responsibility for your words.

Anonymous said: Wheeeeeere do you alwaaaaays gooooo? Don't know you know you're not supposed to have a life and be posting on tumblr 24/7? Huh?!

i may or may not be more inclined to do so if i had the slightest idea of who you are